Monday, June 27, 2011

23 days

The boys: clockwise from upper left: Dusk, Dusk, Smudge, and Smudge and Shiner, the spotty boys.

The boys, continued: Clockwise from upper lift: Crescent, Smudge, Confetti, Smudge

The girls, from upper left clockwise: Favor, Blackbird, Vivi, Blackbird.
Puppies got their first meal today and figured it out very quickly indeed. Thsi will help Ribbon out (and the puppies as well) since I think 8 puppies are only just getting enough from her now that they are 3+ weeks old. Now the work begins since they will get less cleaning from mom and I'll therefore be changing soiled papers several times a day. Next up: move them to the pen with a litter box of paper shred.

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