Friday, June 24, 2011

20 days old!

They are growing like weeds!  Eyes are open, they hear, they run across the whelping box (not in a controlled fashion, exactly, but they do run).  They range in size but everyone is sturdy and strong.
Here they are:
#1 girl Blackbird. Nice strong color and her nose leather is

filling in already, will probably be solid by 8 weeks.

#2, boy  Confetti. He is not a burly fllow but very easy on the eye. 

#3, Shiner, a boy.  Strong big puppy (well they're ALL strong but he is one of the larger pups).  Nice copper, a bit of dilute in his black body patches. Good clear merle.

#4, Smudge, aka Mr. Popularity. Those strong face markings and body spots ensure he  won't go unnoticed. He is a bigger boy. 

#5, Favor. She is so calm and relaxed, she goes all beanbag in my hand after a 

yawn if I turn her over on her back in my hand. She is a larger puppy, with plenty of substance.
#6 Vivi, a girl. Glamour girl with her clear color, eye makeup and sweet face. A smaller puppy.

#7, Dusk, a boy. He has a deeper silverly gray merle than the others, and merle darkens
with age, so he should be quite striking. Nice copper and his nose, like the other puppies',is already
spotting in with black. Everyone here has nice pigment

#8 Crescent, a boy. He has beautiful rich deep pigment like his 'mates and his nose leather is already black at age 3 weeks. Smaller size but good substance. These puppies' relative sizes are really not much of a predictor of later. final sizes. All have nice substance and I'll tell you in 5 weeks which ones look like nice 8 week olds!

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