Thursday, June 17, 2010

Family visiting!!!

In preparation for going to Vermont for Camp, Banner and Tache arrived and promptly commenced playing in the yard with their brother Thumper, sister Ziva and mother Ribbon. Ziva is the shorthaired one, being kept in short hair due to skin problems she was born with. She feels fine however and was quite happy to rough-house with the boys.

Tache negotiates Mount Inkwell aka my back yard.

Ribbon dishes out a can of whoop-ass on her #5 puppy Tache.

Banner has a scratch as Thumper looks on.

Tache wearing the spirea 'Mello Yello'.

A quick smooch between the blue boys

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

We're going to Camp!!

Last year I went to Camp Gone to the Dogs (cue up corny music on their website and click on 'skip intro' to move along) for the first time and took Ribbon. My sister went too with her Poodle Deja. I wasn't there 2 days before knowing I'd want to return as the instructors are world class, the atmosphere is completely positive, and it is a truly nothing-but-you-and-your-dog experience. It also made me realize I hadn't had a real vacation in years. Sure I take some trips but virtually always to sell artwork at a dog show but that is work and creates a lot of work leading up to it. This, on the other hand, is all about having fun and learning tools for better communication and training.  All with your best friends.

 So I had decided to return and told friends about it, including my friend Mary who has Teddy from the first litter. She was immediately interested and talked about going.

Then Ribbon had her litter in October. In the course of conversation with Jane who took Tache, I told her about CGTTD and she became interested.

Meanwhile I'd decided I would take 2 dogs to camp this year, Ribbon and the puppy I kept from this litter, Thumper.

I had Banner, one of the tri boys, for a long time before his right home came along and it came along through the new owner's friendship with Tache's Jane. So when Jane told Nick about her plans to go to CGTTD, HE became interested.

So the outcome of all this is that CGTTD will have more Aussies there than ever before and 5 of them will be Inkwell dogs: Ribbon and 4 sons. Camp will never be the same! We will post pictures and try to get some family portraits during the week and will hope for nice cool New England weather. Hope to see you there some time!