Saturday, April 23, 2011

Beautiful evening for a photo

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And since he was clean for the shows this weekend I took advantage. Thumper is 18 months old now.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Just some play photos

Flat yard. Oh how I wish I had on
Nice weather finally (at least intermittently) in Maryland so no time was lost getting out the camera. First was a visit to friends (with a flat yard and 4 dogs to run with).  
The Greyhound thing.
Abby and her friend Argos.

Cooling down, Greyhound style

Lisa gets everyone's attention (almost)

Abby and Merlin


Craig has everyone's attention

A breather taken.

Then an informal portrait of family. Ziva declined to participate at first but eventually she agreed to join us but only if she could sit. 

Friday, April 8, 2011

Summer puppies hoped for!

Ribbon has been bred to Ch. Paradox Precedent ('Press') for a very early June litter of blacks and blues. Press is a compact, substantial, highly athletic and biddable young dog with strong play drive and a terrific nature. It is anticipated that he will double her strengths and complement her in other areas. We are very excited about this cross! This is a co-bred litter with Milwin Aussies. I expect high drive biddable puppies.
He is pictured here from last week's visit to Massachusetts.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

AKC debut for Thumper

He was a good boy (at least until he fell in love with Winners Bitch and wanted to go back to her the entire time we were in Best of Breed class...)


Eyes on photographer and buddy Karryl

Still watching Karryl
Took Thumper to Pittsburgh (Monroeville) for  his first AKC shows  this past weekend where he went Winners Dog both days. The judges were Sulie Greendale-Paveeza and Evie Sullivan. Thank you ladies! Win shots will arrive in a week or so, I hope. Until then, here are some ring shots from our friend Karryl.