Monday, December 26, 2011

Satin decorates the big chair on Christmas Eve

Little Miss Sunshine
On Christmas Eve the camera came out. First some shots indoors for Christmas. I never did get a card done this year--I suppose these will suffice!
What a morose looking collection of dogs. Cute but not into photos this day!

Satin is small enough to fit nicely on the hearth.

Ribbon leads the way

Then we went outside to play in the mud. The yard is hopelessly defoliated by heavy dog traffic so it is all dirt all the time,
Noisy yard!

Ribbon states her mind.

Ribbon drives her point home.

All teeth accounted for.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Got the piktchah

The win-to-finish photo of Thumper making him an AKC Champion.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Thumper finished his AKC championship this past weekend by going Winner's Dog and Best of Winners on Friday and Saturday for back-to-back majors under judges Monica Canestrini and Joan Zielinski, respectively. This is my first Champion out of all Bred-by classes and Ribbon's 2nd AKC Breed Champion. In addition, his littermate Sammy (Inkwell's Imagine That) is now Inkwell's Imagine That RX as he completed his Rally Excellent title with a 2nd place finish with his owner Donna Johnson. A good weekend for the Inkwells!!

Multiple Premier, AKC/ASCA Ch. Inkwell's Tom-tom !

Saturday, November 12, 2011

It's been a busy few weeks for the dogs here, with some ASCA shows for Thumper and the puppies Satin and Luster.

First up was the MidAtlantic ASC show weekend in October at Point of Rocks, MD. Luster garnered a Best of Breed Puppy and Satin a BOSP under Breeder judge Kelly English.
In later shows Luster went BOBP  also, with Satin BOSP to him.
Later on Thumper went Best Opposite Sex over a nice entry. We didn't end up getting photos on the puppy wins but at the next show, under judge Whitney Coombs, Satin was handled by my friend Tyler for her first time in the ring and she did a nice job.

Satin with her afternoon handler Tyler for Tyler's first time in the ring.
Last weekend I took Luster, Satin and Thumper down the road to Georgia to the Greater Atlanta ASC shows in Cartersville GA for a 6-show weekend. Over the 6 shows the puppies went BOBP or BOBP for 11 (I think!) ribbons. 

Luster BOBP under judge Trisha Herring; he went BOBP 4 of the 6 shows and BOSP the other 2.

Satin under judge Lynda Shackelford; she went BOBP twice (under :Lynda and under Rosemarie O'Hara in the final show, and BOSP 3 shows.  There were other puppies too!
Thumper with his rosettes and the handler who took him in the ring for the wins, Anna Tso.

 Of course Thumper was at the shows as well and after the first show in an Olympic-sized ring I asked Anna Tso, just wrapping up a successful juniors career and without a Secial to handle for the weekend, if she would like to show Thumper. The result was 2 Bests of Breed (Lynda Shackleford and Chuck Quinlan) and a Best Opp win under judge David Clayton. All in all a nice trip south for us. 

Thumper with Anna.

Luster is 5 months old her.

Satin also 5 months old, of course. She's a girly.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

19 weeks


Roka-was Smudge
 Puppies got a photo shoot last week to assess their progress.


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Almost 2 years old now. Thumper's portrait session.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Win photos from Nationals

Premier win under judge Carol Ann Hartnagle (with Maria Neff, of course!)

And the other Premier win with Judge Stephanie Shope-McDaniel and Maria.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Thumper's ASCA Nationals in West Bend, WI

Well another Nationals is ending. I was unable to go to ASCA nationals but Thumper hitched a ride with a friend (thanks Kristina!) to West Bend to rendezvous with Maria Neff for the week, where he was entered in all pre-shows and at National Specialty, in Best of Breed.
Thumper had a good week with Maria, making it through first cut of boys at the first preshow under judge Nikki Marenbach.
The next day under Stephanie Shope-McDaniel Thumper stayed in great company garnering a premier 10 ribbon. Stephanie's mother Ann Shope had awarded Thumper's mother Ribbon a nice Best of Breed ribbon at a local ASCA show a couple of years ago, so nice to have a continuum!
The third Preshow had Carol Ann Hartnagel as judge and once again Thumper was a Premier 10 winner.
The actual Nationals Best of Breed competition was today and Thumper did make first cut but did not advance today, under judge Carol Earnest.  The good news is, he is on the way home to me now!

thanks to Denise Ozyurek for both ringside shots

So a great week for his debut as a Special at an ASCA nationals and will plan for the coming year when he grows up a bit!  Pictures will follow but a couple of ringside shots will suffice for now.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A weekend in the country

I was unable to attend my own ASCA club's 5-show weekend but was able to send Thumper down for the shows. Luste and Satin are already with Debbie in VA so she brought them up for their first experiences in puppy classes.

It turned out to be a nice weekend for Inkwell and for Milwin as well.  Thumper was Best of Breed over several other top specials 2 of the 5 shows, handled by Susan Speight.

The puppies did well too. Luster was Best of Breed puppy twice and BOSP once, as well as BOBP(young puppy) in Sweeps.  He was not shown in the show immediately following Sweeps Saturday morning as he was pretty tired. Satin seemed to be more up to the task, showing in all shows. She traded off some wins with 2 BOBP's and a BOSP for the weekend. I understand both were sleeping well after their exciting weekend!

Sunday afternoon under judge Lynda Shackleford. Susan Speight handled for me.

My favorite win photo of the weekend, Luster handled by Jane Moss under Lynda Shackleford

Satin with one of her wins, under judge Andrea Blizard who awarded Thumper one of his BOB's

Monday, August 8, 2011

Some glamour shots

Beautiful view near the Virginia Tech horse area, so got a couple of glamour shots of Thumper. He is strarting to look all grown up.

Weekend in Virginia


I never tire of watching them fly across a field!

Ziva strikes a regal pose. Yes she has to stand on a hill to have a level topline.
Yes she has no hair on her feet, but she is lovely just the same.

I never tire of seeing Thumper fly towards me either. I DO tire of the
reverse view.

Ziva and her flowing locks
Went to the Salem Virginia AKC shows this weekend. First a stop at a community center field in the Shenandoah Valley for a good run.

Wish I had a 'heel' in Obedience that looked like this!

He was giving attention the entire go-around that time.


Then on to the shows where a friend got some ringside shots.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Gone home

Julie loves on Favor, who was quite busy befor her trip to VT

Sometimes you have to just carry them!

Take this toy NOW!

And off she goes on her life's adventure.

Confetti (not yet spoken for) takes matters into hisown hands

Smudge is now 'Pinion'. He gets his own big sister in Quil

Pinion gives 'T' a kiss, the first of many, I think.

Em, Quil and Pinion
I had to give him a last snuggle along with Confetti, though I know I'll see him very frequently. He might have a show career if he comes along well.