Sunday, August 26, 2012

An Ohio ASCA weekend.

A great weekend for us at Inkwell this past couple of days:

Sammy  (Inkwell's Imagine That CD) got his first Open leg at the Oriole Dog Training Club Obedience trials yesterday; I have not heard yet about today's trial but I will report when I hear. Alas no photos, maybe some day owner Donna Johnson will send me something! Sammy is a littermate to Thumper and Ziva.

An older photo of Sammy.
Favor (Inkwell Milwin Token of Affection) competed in her first-ever real agility competition, taking a 2nd in Jumpers at the USDAA trial in Vermont (I think). Owner Julie only entered her yesterday since it is her first trial and she is only 14 months old.
I can't link to her run video but if I can later I will post the link.
An earlier photo of Favor, with her stegosaurus stuffy.

Thumper puppies have done well this weekend as well, specifically a couple of Thumper/Henna puppies. Link (now 'Runner'), a red merle puppy, was BOBP a couple of times as I understand it, at the Southern Colorado ASC shows; at HWASC the black tri girl formerly named Vita (now Zoe) was BOBP ad BOSP for most of this weekend's shows.
Link (now Runner) at 8 weeks-he is in Colorado now.

Vita--now Zoe--who lives in Kentucky.
Thumper with some chillins out of Henna: Zoe (was Vita) on left, and Lock on the right; who garnered some BOSP wins.
Another shot. This was at the Ohio ASCA shows.

Thumper swept the Hoosier Working ASC shows in Ohio this weekend, winning Best of Breed all 5 shows under both ASCA Breeder judges and AKC judges, over 6+ specials and major entries. Maria and he are just a terrific team and she gets the best from him every time they step into the ring.

Maria and Thumper sharing  a secret.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

The past couple of weekends' shows for Thumper went as follows:

After a final BOS win for Thumper in Marion OH under Ken Buxton, Thumper and Maria spent the following weekend (8/2-8/5)  in Marshall Michigan where they went BOB/G3 under Tom Hale, BOB under James White, BOB/G3 under Hildi Morgan and Tom Feneis, and BOB under Terri DePietro.

They took the weekend off the following weekend, to return to this ring this past Thursday where Thumper and Maria took BOS x 3 and a select another day. This brings Thumper to within 10 points of his Bronze Gr. Ch.. (Have to wait to see the results posted by the supers to confirm numbers present.). 
Next up starting this coming Friday will be 2 consecutive weekend of ASCA clusters: Hoosier Working ASC in Winchester IN for 5 shows and on Labor Day weekend an astonishing 9-day cluster hosted by ASC-MI in Coldwater, MI. Our current ASCA ranking is #11 but we don 't get to s lot of ASC shows from the region where they are sowing so we hope to keep well positioned with some wins in these shows. We'll see! Ask me in 2 weeks!

Luster's first win shot in ASCA as an adult! (14 months)
In other dog news, Milwin Inkwell Iridescent (remember Luster? Yeah, HIM) got his first ASCA points 2 weekends ago with a 4 point major win under SBJ Susan Moorehead at the Blue Ridge ASC shows in Weyers Cave, VA, handled by Jane Moss that particular time in the ring; also garnered 2 RWD wins handled by Debbie. Luster is a Ribbon son from her last litter, bred by Debbie and me.

At the same show weekend a Thumper daughter 'Dozer', co-bred by Debbie Mills and bitch owner Gail Pfaff (owned and shown by Gail) went BOBP with lots of competition at BRASC as well, under judge Susan Moorehead as well.
Gail and Dozer.

Not to be totally and completely outdone, my Satin (Milwin Inkwell Black Satin, Luster's sister) went into the ring all weekend completely unclothed, shown by our friend Lisa Friel, to go RWB at the first show (yes, judge Susan Moorehead again!).

In other Inkwell news, Painter (AKC Ch. Inkwell's Paintbrush of Milwin, from Ribbon's first litter) continues to train in agility with owner Bev McWhirter; Sammy (Inkwell's Imagine That CD RE, a Thumper brother) has his CD in AKC as well as his Rally Excellent title, now starting to dive into the OTCh journey soon as he should go for his Obedience titles in the coming weeks.

Favor (Inkwell Milwin Token of Affection), Satin's sister, is excelling in her agility training under her owner Julie Rigby; she starts trialing in the next several weeks. She can be seen with her housemates here, at her old blog site :

But more up-to-date doin's with Favor are here:    And Julie frequently shares her short video clips of training sessions. Favor has a great life full of fun training games and exercise.