Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The weekend's show results

Thumper returned to work last weekend, going up to Wisconsin with Maria to show at the Rock River Valley ASC shows, where he came home with Best Opp for all 4 shows. No show counts yet but we are pleased he is winning breed points every time he goes out. 

Also, the weekend of the Buckeye shows a couple of weeks back we did a photo shoot with Thumper and Maria; these are the ones I liked, which is your favorite? Remember i=on this and every set of photos on thi blog, you can view them larger by clicking on them.

This is my favorite, I think.

Some Thumper puppies growing up

One of the puppies that went to a companion home.
 A number of people have asked about what Thumper puppies are doing. I have not seen any of the Henna litter since July when they were 9 weeks old but some pictures have come.
This is Wyatt (was Hugo)

Valerie's keeper, Livia

Livia again

One of the companion puppies.

Zoe, was Vita.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Phun Photo Session in Pennsylvania

THROW IT, dammit!!!

Satin and her BF Dreamer

Andrew and Thumper renew their friendship

Glamour shot of Dreamer

Glamour shot of Thumper


Maybe my favorite shot of the day. Satin on the high wall.


Dreamer and Thumper get a game going

I am so happy these two intact boys get along like family.

Goofy frat brothers.
Thumper was home for a short vacation this past week but Tuesday  I took him back to Ohio to resume work with Maria Neff. Can't believe we leave in less than 2 weeks for California for ASCA Nationals!  But had a photo session in the autumn leaves with Thumper's BFF and Satin's wishful-thinking BF Dreamer (who got HIS Grand Championship a few weeks ago).

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

ASCA Nationals in 3 weeks!

Aussie Times for Nov/Dec 2012

Monday, October 8, 2012

A weekend in Ohio

Satin and I went to Medina OH this past weekend to watch Thumper show prior to bringing him home for a few days' R&R..  The weeeknd had 4 ASCA shows and drew a nice entry making 5 point Majors in biches for all 4 shows. Well Satin had a good showing, going Winners Bitch for 3 of the 4 shows (and reserve in the one she didn't win). She s an auto-showdog, with amzing powers of concentration and no uncertainties about noise or strangers. So with 3 5-point major wins this weekend (and a 4 point major from several months ago at a different show) Satin became ASCA Ch. Milwin Inkwell Black Satin.
The big blue and pink rosette is a 'new title' rosette given by the hosting club. Oh we went Best Opp in one of shows as well.

At the same shows Thumper went Best of Breed 3 of 4 shows.