Thursday, October 18, 2012

Phun Photo Session in Pennsylvania

THROW IT, dammit!!!

Satin and her BF Dreamer

Andrew and Thumper renew their friendship

Glamour shot of Dreamer

Glamour shot of Thumper


Maybe my favorite shot of the day. Satin on the high wall.


Dreamer and Thumper get a game going

I am so happy these two intact boys get along like family.

Goofy frat brothers.
Thumper was home for a short vacation this past week but Tuesday  I took him back to Ohio to resume work with Maria Neff. Can't believe we leave in less than 2 weeks for California for ASCA Nationals!  But had a photo session in the autumn leaves with Thumper's BFF and Satin's wishful-thinking BF Dreamer (who got HIS Grand Championship a few weeks ago).

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