Wednesday, May 26, 2010

7 months

Thumper is starting to give me an idea of what he'll look like as an adult now. I don't think he will be very big (about 36 pounds now and about 19.5" at the shoulder). He has the most wonderful, confident and biddable personality, truly the puppy I always wanted.

I saw Lila for the first time since she left home in March and she looks very good too. Didn't get great photos but here she is; I will get better ones next time, some stack and portrait shots.

Sammy is looking great too, progressing well with his mom as he trains toward a great Obedience career. Thanks Donna for all the wonderful work you are putting in to him!

Tache is having the perfect life with Janie in Virginia Beach. He gets a lot of playdates with Banner, who lives in the neighboring city of Norfolk.

Tache and Banner are joining Thumper and their mother Ribbon, along with Teddy from the first litter, at Camp Gone to the Dogs in less than 2 weeks and we cannot WAIT! The invasion of the Inkwell Aussies will be unprecedented in the history of the camp!!!

Haven't any really recent photos of Syd but this one says it all.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Thumper is 6 months old now, the age of majority!

Ducktail top line on this humid day but wanted his monthly photo so I got his monthly photo. At least he is clean.