Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Novi final Tally for Thumper

The final outcome at the big Novi, Michigan supported entries and specialty found us with a Select Dog on Thursday (judge Jim Frederiksen); Best of Breed Friday (judge David Anthony); and Best Opposite Sex on Saturday (judge Dana Cline). Nothing in the Specialty but overall a good week and weekend for us at these shows with entries in the 50-60 range including up to 20 specials.
From ringside at Novi.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Thumper is now in Novi Michigan the big cluster of all-breed shows (4) plus the USASA Specialty, and he and Maria are off to a good start, garnering a Select under judge Jim Frederiksen for 5 Grand Champion points in an entry of  46 dogs; today's entry increased to 52 dogs but this day's judge David Anthony gave the breed to Thumper. Tomorrow is another all-breed show plus an afternoon USASA-sanctioned specialty so we'll try our luck again!

A break from the ring, etc

Thumper had a week off to play here at home and so we had an all-dog field trip to Uno's house for a run in the mud, stream, etc

Flash went on the field trip and had a thoroughly wonderful run.

Uno before they got wet and muddy.

Flash and Uno

What comes of getting wet and muddy in January

2 trips to ASCof Michigan shows before the field trip. 

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Thumper select dog all 3 days of Tallmadge OH AKC shows, picking up 6 more GrCh points.  And tonight he comes home for a break of about a week. Mud party!!

Friday, January 4, 2013

In Florida in December
Last shows of the year and the first shows back from haitus, the Australian shepherd Club of Michigan  (ASC-MI) had their year-end show weekend last weekend with 5 shows in Kalamazoo.  Thumper went Best of Breed for 2 of the shows (judges Wayne Cavanaugh and Cherish DeWitt) and Best Opposite Sex under judge Erin Swain for another. All in all a nice weekend, photos to follow. Tomorrow a return to the AKC ring in Tallmadge OH.  Wish us luck, lots of Specials in with him!