Monday, August 24, 2015

Odds and Ends

Julie Rigby​'s Favor (Inkwell MIlwin Token of Affection with-too-many-agility-titles-to- remember) has entered the conformation ring  in ASCA, and needs only her major wins to finish her championship. We are going to Tennessee in October to the ASCA Nationals and she can compete there in agility and in conformation.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Puppies are 7 weeks old!!

Well, 7 weeks old tomorrow, and healthy and happy. Satin too!

 Satin is only nursing a couple of times a day now and only for short periods, but the puppies are doing great with their dog food meals.
Tri boy!

 They do the stairs (2 stories-worth of them on my hill) easily a couple of times a day when we go out for some yard time.

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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

But THIS week...

Here they are at almost 5 weeks, now spending some closely supervised outdoor time and learning about stairs and so forth. Thanks to Christine Kaye for the photos

A lot of catching up to do!!

Haven't said a thing since our Jimmy puppies were born, but shall rectify this forthwith.
Puppies turned 5 weeks old today and are growing like the proverbial weeds. From 10oz birth weights they are each about 6 pounds now, well on their way . They are on their feet, eating, running, pooping, peeing, and doing all the other things puppies do.

Better maybe to just show you. These shots are last week, at age 4 weeks.

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Hard to imagine how she managed 7 puppies this size last litter!

Tri boy

Poor mommy

Just too much!!!

Using the adult beverage container

A favorite spot

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


It has been a while since the trip to Ohio with Satin for the purposes of breeding to Jimmy, but we do have puppies as a result of that trip. Only 2 puppies this time, both boys (because we seem to have that as our specialty) but nice and healthy of course! They were born on June 30 via c-section after a period of fruitless labor, not uncommon in 1 or 2-puppy litters. In this case it was not big puppies but was a logjam at the exit point, with neither puppy yielding to the other.
At any rate Satin had a rapid and problem-free recovery and the puppies are, needless to say, fattening up a LOT every day due to no competition for milk.

So here is a first-18-days album.

Satin doing well the day after

18 days old, eyes opening and nose filling in

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Trip to Ohio

Took Satin to Ohio to be bred to Jimmy (AKC Ch. Sirius Copper Still of Harmony Hill) and was able to do a quick photo shoot for owner Lori Schlarb.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Summer Plans for puppers!!

Satin bounced back well from her litter of puppies born around Christmas, and she is in season and we have decided to proceed with her next litter now for several reasons. The biggest ones? Summer puppies are much easier for us and for her, and as I said she bounced back so well that it makes sense to go with her natural inclination to breed now.

So the particulars are : Satin is ASCA Ch. Milwin Inkwell Black Satin CGC

The planned sire is AKC Ch. Sirius Copper Still of Harmony Hill

If all things go as planned puppies will be due at the end of June or beginning of July, and would be going to new homes at the end of August or beginning of September. All colors are possible in theory, but I am not sure whether Satin is red factored so for now I will simply say tri's and blue merles expected, reds and red merles possible.

 If you have been in touch with me about puppies recently and I had nothing available, please get back in touch if this litter interests you.

As always, Debbie Mills and I reserve first picks on puppies and these decisions usually cannot be finalized until puppies are 7+ weeks old (they go out to new homes at 8 weeks). But as always I encourage interested companion homes to come meet my dogs and get to know Satin and, eventually, the puppies.

I do not expect any show prospects to be available but hope for some agility, obedience or rally homes. If this planned litter is anything like Satin's last litter the puppies should be sweet and apparently very biddable and bold. The litter will be raised at my home as always.

Spring has sprung!

Spring has arrived in Maryland just in time after a long snowy winter. When I last posted there were puppies still here getting ready to go out to their new and permanent homes.

Well, 2 months later they are all well settled in at their new homes. . Tri Boy has become Ticker (aka Inkwell Milwin This Just In!) and has gone to live with his aunt Favor, and Julie Rigby, for a career in agility and the conformation ring. To that end he had his debut at the Gateway ASC shows preceding the AKC National specialty (USASA). In puppy classes Ticker showed well with Julie and won his class in all 3 shows, and in one he was Reserve BOBP under judge Sue Holtz.
Ticker moving in the ring

Ticker in the ring

Ticker's first podium shot

 I also took his sister, Carly, along for the experience. She is owned by co-breeder Debbie Mills.
Carly and Ticker
Ticker actually used the skateboard for a short ride but I missed it with the camera.
Favor, Carly and Ticker

I also took Ribbon to USASA and as a veteran (10+) Maria Neff showed her in Veteran Sweeps and in regular veteran sweeps classes. She was 2nd in Sweeps under judge Kerry Kirtley and 3rd in Veterans. Here is her sweeps photo. 

Such a good girl!
she also enjoyed a couple of sessions a day of frisbee play AND had a shoot with our friend Olivia Frost, one of the finest photographers out there. Thanks Liv!
Olivia Frost photo