Wednesday, July 15, 2015


It has been a while since the trip to Ohio with Satin for the purposes of breeding to Jimmy, but we do have puppies as a result of that trip. Only 2 puppies this time, both boys (because we seem to have that as our specialty) but nice and healthy of course! They were born on June 30 via c-section after a period of fruitless labor, not uncommon in 1 or 2-puppy litters. In this case it was not big puppies but was a logjam at the exit point, with neither puppy yielding to the other.
At any rate Satin had a rapid and problem-free recovery and the puppies are, needless to say, fattening up a LOT every day due to no competition for milk.

So here is a first-18-days album.

Satin doing well the day after

18 days old, eyes opening and nose filling in

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