Friday, December 19, 2014

We have babies!

Well Satin delivered her litter in the most middle portion of the night (3-5am) on December 17, with no problems or delays. The final count is 7 nice healthy puppies:  4 blue merles and 3 black tri's. 5 boys and 2 girls, because this has been the pattern ever since the first litter ever born under the Inkwell prefix: 30% girls and 70% boys!  No complaints however, they are beautiful!

Her first day as a mother.
Now she has the hard work, ALL the work, of feeding them and cleaning them for the next 3 weeks, after which I will introduce mushy food. Then my work will begin as mom only does minimal cleaning up once puppies are eating any solid food. That does coincide with them being more mobile of course, and once they start looking like puppies instead of hamsters they are hard to stay away from, so of course I don't.

#1, boy

#2, boy

#3, boy

#4, girl

#5, boy

#6, girl

#7, boy
So there they are. It will be weeks before I know who stays and who goes; most likely only boys will go but depends upon a few factors co-breeder Debbie Mills and I will look at. I am very happy that there are no excessive white markings and everyone looks happy and fat. Most of the litter had natural bob tails (half tails) so all were docked yesterday (Thursday) along with dewclaws, with minimal disruption to their schedule.

I will be posting many photos in the coming weeks, check back! Here is one now!

all of 'em

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Congratulations are in order....

To Valerie Yates , Ninebark Aussies, on the Hall of Fame Dam recognition given to her Henna (
ASCA/CKC Ch. Sonrise Little Red Hen) in ASCA.  7 ASCA champions out of her and 3 of them are sired by Thumper. Her hard work and dedication as a breeder and owner resulted in all of her puppies going to homes that brought them to their maximum potential.I am fortunate Thumper got to be a part of this.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Litter Plans

After 3 1/2 years Inkwell has litter plans!  First up will be a breeding of Satin (ASCA Ch. Milwin Inkwell Black Satin CGC) to Scooter, AKC/ASCA Ch. Harmony Hills American Graffiti. If all is as it is thought to be, this litter should be due on or about December 20. Merry Christmas to Inkwell!!

I expect puppies from this cross to be moderate to smaller in size (Satin is very refined in size, 18" at the shoulder, 37 pounds). Should be athletic, gregarious, and pretty. Blacks and blues for sure. Could get some reds, I don't know if Satin is red factored.

In addition we have plans to use some of Thumper's frozen semen with a couple of breedings this winter. Will share details once breedings are done and confirmed, since surgical implants carry a degree of uncertainty. So stay tuned!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Monarch (Thumper son from his first litter) is now AKC Ch. Milwin's Monarch of Dove Creek DJ CGC. I mentioned before that Monarch is the first Aussie to be titled under the new AKC dock jumping program, and now I have some photos of the wild man in his element.  Thanks to owner Lisa Friel for all the hard work getting him out there and having fun!

In flight. Since this first title he has spent another weekend increasing his distances.

He gets a bit enthusiastic. 
The supposed object of his attention, though I think he really just likes to jump into the water. 

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Its been a while...

It has been a while since we posted anything, it has been a quiet summer. We haven't been showing in Obedience and decided that a trip to Texas for ASCA Nationals was out of the question for financial reasons, not to mention not really having any dogs to take aside from Ribbon, as a veteran. So, we stay home and work.

In the process of trying to declutter I decided I did not really need the hundreds of ribbons and rosettes collected over the course of my dogs' show careers, so I pulled them out of their bins and looked them over for condition. The ASCA club shows award ribbons that only show the club name (and 'ASCA', of course) so if their condition is good they can be recycled back to the host clubs for use in Their future shows. AKC ribbons do have the specific date and event stamped on so they cannot be reused, nor can the major rosettes for ASCA Nationals and preshows.

Anyway, I decided to sort and return a lot of ribbons. But first I wanted some photos, of course!  First up was Ribbon. Not because she was my first to win a ribbon, but just because she had a manageable number. So here she is with her show career summed up in one photo (well, 2 including her RWB win at ASCA Nationals; I didn't want to haul that rosette, in a frame, out to the garden).
Ribbon's ribbons

Ribbon RWB ASCA Nationals 2005. Judge Ann Atkinson
I showed Ribbon start to finish in all her shows until the past couple of years as a veteran, when she went out with Maria Neff to ASCA Nationals and preshows in Bakersfield CA in 2012. Ribbon really taught me how to show a dog and how to highlight strengths.

My FIRST show dog was, of course, Flash. Well, my first Conformation dog. I wish I had a photo of my first Aussie and first competition dog, Bobby, with HIS ribbons, but I don't. So, I have Flash. I had a wonderful handler for him in AKC for his championship but I finished him in ASCA after Ribbon finished her ASCA Championship.
Flash and his ribbon haul. I didn't special him for very long.
Ribbon's son Thumper I did special, for 1 1/2 years. A little with me and one year with Maria Neff, his gifted and hard working young handler for whom Thumper was her first full time Special after graduating college. Since Thumper's year she has gone on to other excellent Specials of course, but I was sure happy he had his year with her.
Thumper and his ribbons minus his Best of Breed rosette for Canadian Nationals, which is framed so I did not want to haul it outside. Oh and no obedience ribbons shown. That will get its own little photo some day. LOL.

Satin is my most recent ribbon-winner, daughter to Ribbon and sister to Luster and Favor. She has not finished in AKC so these are her ASCA ribbons. I handled her in ASCA.

She had a good puppy competiton career and a short lucky career in regular ASCA classes.
Meanwhile other relatives are doing well. Lock (Thumper son AKC GrCh/ASCA/CKC Ch. Ninebark Cops and Robbers) high ranked in the Owner-Handler series. Another Thumper son Monarch (AKC Ch. Milwin Monarch of Dove Creek) became the first Aussie in AKC history to acheive a Dock Diving title under the newly AKC-recognized registry for the sport.   Favor (Milwin Inkwell Token of Affection Lots Of Agility Titles) competing successfully in her agility trials. Sammy (Inkwell's Imagine That UD, RE) halfway to his UDX. Luster (AKC/ASCA Ch. Milwin Inkwell Iridescent) siring several lovely litters. And everyone in happy loving homes. What more could we ask??

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Another new champion for Thumper

Got word on Sunday afternoon that Thumper son UKC Ch. Milwin Monarch of Dove Creek, or Monarch, completed his AKC championship under judge Dorothy Collier. He had needed only a major for a couple of months and they were not materializing but this weekend it all came together. Congratulations must be made to Lisa Friel, his owner and most of the time his handler, though for this final major he was handled by Becky Lueth.

This gives Thumper, in his 2 litters, 2 ASCA Champions, 2 AKC champions, and a daughter with most of her ASCA points and some AKC points. So grateful to the breeders (Debbie Mills and Valerie Yates)  who bred to him and placed the hopefuls in the homes that pursued their dreams with their puppies.

Thanks to Laurie Shuren for this photo

Thanks to Karen Kollmer for this photo.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

New Champion for Thumper!

I just got the news last evening that Lock CKC Ch/AKC GrCh Ninebark Cops and Robbers is now also an ASCA Champion, going BOB over several specials for a 5 point major last evening at the Outback ASC show in Minnesota. So proud, with Thumper's very limited opportunities as a sire this is gratifying news indeed. Thanks to owners Nancy Temple (owner-handler all the way) and Mike Cavey, as well as co-owner/breeder Valerie Yates.
Lock at a show in Canada a few months back, handled as always by Nancy.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Newsy News

A little update on Inkwell doin's this late spring.

Luster is now AKC/ASCA Ch. Milwin Inkwell Iridescent, having completed his akc championship with Maria Neff in May.
I also had Thumper showing in Obedience competition and at the Oriole DTC shows in May, he earned his final 2 qualifying legs to finish his AKC CD. I also had him at an ASCA trial during May where we earned one leg toward his ASCA CD.  Now we are working on Open training and starting some of the exercises he will have to perform for a Utility title. But for now Thumper is now AKC Gr.CH/ASCA multiple PremierCh/CKC BISS Ch. Inkwell's Tom-tom CD. Whew!

Meanwhile Ribbon's son Sammy (Inkwell's Imagine That, AKC UD, RE) is working toward his UDX with owner Donna Johnson, and Favor ( Inkwell Milwin Token of Affection NA, NAJ) continues to excel in agility with her owner Julie Rigby. Favor has asca agility titles as well but I don't have a current list of them!

I hope to have some interesting news in a few weeks! In meantime the dogs will enjoy their summer while training and playing.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


If you are looking for an Aussie puppy I am aware of a nice litter in Virginia that is, as of mid April, about 4 weeks old, making them ready to go in mid may. The breeder is Phyllis Perryman of Weetri Aussies and her web site and contact info is . Please go to the web site for her contact info. I understand she has 3 or 4 nice puppies still looking to be lined up for homes, pretty and outgoing.
The sire is our Luster, ASCA Ch. Milwin Inkwell Iridescent. 

Saturday, April 12, 2014


Sad news came to me this week.  Ch. Caerleon Sunset Boulevard 2CC died. Dezz was bred and owned by Wendy Mount (Sunebank Shelties) and Carolyn Vack (Caerleon). Her list of accomplishments is lengthy and impressive but to me, she was the Sheltie that clinched my interest in the breed.

The first time I saw her was at the shows in Westminster MD in May of 2004. I was interested in the breed as a possible second breed for me but really didn't know how to start. Ringside however I noticed this nice sable girl on the table in the group ring while cheering on a friend's Aussie special. (I think I can see Token back there in the lineup in this photo).
My first look at Dezz
Looking at this photo now I see why I was drawn to her; in addition to being well made, I could SEE her structure under all that coat. She is only 2 1/2 here so not in full coat but she always had a coat that fit her and showed her lines well. . She was also the consummate show dog, which helped!
I approached the owners about using her as a model for a portrait and a few months later did a quick photo session which resulted in the painting shown.

The breeder/owners became friends and over the ensuing years I watched Dezz stay up in rankings, always relatively locally handled by a wonderful sheltie specialist Zana Friend. At the end of her career she had more than 200 Best of Breed wins (a big landmark in Shelties) , had been top bitch in the breed and went on to produce a couple of lovely litters for her owners.

Dezz was a funny girl, very stand-offish actually, not what I'd expected with my experiences meeting shelties (mostly Obedience or agility dogs). As I got to know her and her family of siblings, I found that she was not really representative in that way; the boys of her litter were the outgoing gregarious types I was accustomed to.  However even though Dezz was not demonstrative, she was dignified and an amazing showdog when in the ring. I got to show her once (Zana had jury duty!) and I was truly schooled by her once off the table for her down and back and go-around; She simply took off ahead of me, because after all she'd done this hundreds of times more often than I had!
And she could MOVE! No pitter-patter, no bouncing around, just smooth big balanced gait and perfect coming at you.
Carolyn and Wendy did this cross twice and the last cross only produced one puppy, a singleton boy. A handsome sable full brother to Dezz, outgoing and bold. And mine, in 2006.


Encore had the family head (lovely with great expression) and build, though he did end up right on the oversize-in-size line. I was able to single him out in the breed ring and he was out with Zana for Nationals twice (won his class the first year, measured out the next, oops).  He ended up not fitting well into the dynamic here with my other dogs, and now lives The Life in Pennsylvania. But for a while I had a bit of Dezz here and I much enjoyed it.

Dezz was whelped in November 2001. A couple of years ago she was diagnosed with a lower abdominal cancer that was suppressed successfully for good length of time with radiation. However in recent months it was becoming clear to Carolyn that quality of life was slipping away, and she had to let her go last Wednesday.

The circle continues however, as Dezz's lovely daughter Tansy,Ch. Caerleon Sunset Sensation, delivered a litter of 3 healthy puppies this morning. Dezz grands, 3 days after Dezz died. Hoping to see great things from them.
Tansy (Ch. Caerleon's Sunset Sensation)

Thank you to Wendy and Carolyn for allowing me to be Dezz's Fan Club president and Official Photographer. Here's to the future with her descendents.
An ad after her first 100 wins.

Zana and Dezz
Carolyn and Dezz.
Dezz was my sheltie model for a painting that was a finalist for the Eukanuba Invitational Poster many years back...
'Girl Talk'

Photo shoots!

2 very talented young photographers are out there shooting ringside and glamour shots. Olivia Frost (now based in Florida) and Amber Aarneson (Illinois) got some lovely shots of my dogs and dogs close to the Inkwell family.

Lock (AKC GCh/RBIS CKC Ch. Ninebark Cops and Robbers (a Thumper son)

Luster (ASCA Ch. Milwin Inkwell Iridescent), Satin brother, Ribbon son

Ribbon (AKC/ASCA Ch. Milwin's Silver Ribbon at Inkwell). Reeeebon!
Thumper. Nuff said.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

New Champion!

Debbie's and my Luster went out to the midwest last month with 14 points toward his ASCA championship, in order to work toward his AKC championship. Well he has his majors in akc now thanks to Maria, and on Saturday went Winners Dog and Best of Winners to obtain his ASCA championship the first day of ASCA shows with Maria. This makes 3 ASCA champions for Ribbon, of the 4 dogs who have been shown in conformation. (Painter has never been in the ASCA ring). The other ASCA champions are Thumper and Satin, Luster's litter sister. Next should be Luster's AKC championship. Ribbon has 2 AKC champions now (Painter and Thumper) and Satin has a major toward hers. She might spend a little time with Maria later on.

USASA Nationals

 Well it is spring and so USASA Nationals came along, a few weeks earlier than usual due to scheduling issues at the Purina Farms Event Center. So off we went, Ribbon, Thumper and I.
First in the ring was Ribbon, in the 7-10 Veteran Bitch Class where she was a respectable 4th in a surprisingly strong class. Actually not that surprising, there are a number of very good dogs in that age class. In actuality in our breed we probably should increase the age for veterans since most aussies don't really appear to be affected by age until age 10 or more. whatever the case, she looked great and was in the ring with my friend Nancy Temple, who owns a Thumper son.
Ribbon with Nancy

4th in 7-10 veterans under judge Susan Landry-Whiticar
 Next into the ring was Luster (Milwin Inkwell Iridescent), entered in AmBred class with Maria Neff handling. He looked and did great and went 3rd in a competitive class.
Luster and Maria
Lock with Nancy in the Specials ring

3rd under judge Houston Clark
 On the Thursday of the week Thumper and I entered the Obedience ring for the first time, competing in Novice B obedience. We had a good time and garnered a qualifying ribbon in our first trial, with a 189 score. Not terribly polished and it was clear what we needed to work on, but still I am pleased.
Thumper's first Q ribbon evah!  

Hoping this is the last snow photo for the season.