Friday, December 19, 2014

We have babies!

Well Satin delivered her litter in the most middle portion of the night (3-5am) on December 17, with no problems or delays. The final count is 7 nice healthy puppies:  4 blue merles and 3 black tri's. 5 boys and 2 girls, because this has been the pattern ever since the first litter ever born under the Inkwell prefix: 30% girls and 70% boys!  No complaints however, they are beautiful!

Her first day as a mother.
Now she has the hard work, ALL the work, of feeding them and cleaning them for the next 3 weeks, after which I will introduce mushy food. Then my work will begin as mom only does minimal cleaning up once puppies are eating any solid food. That does coincide with them being more mobile of course, and once they start looking like puppies instead of hamsters they are hard to stay away from, so of course I don't.

#1, boy

#2, boy

#3, boy

#4, girl

#5, boy

#6, girl

#7, boy
So there they are. It will be weeks before I know who stays and who goes; most likely only boys will go but depends upon a few factors co-breeder Debbie Mills and I will look at. I am very happy that there are no excessive white markings and everyone looks happy and fat. Most of the litter had natural bob tails (half tails) so all were docked yesterday (Thursday) along with dewclaws, with minimal disruption to their schedule.

I will be posting many photos in the coming weeks, check back! Here is one now!

all of 'em

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