Thursday, November 18, 2010

ASCA Nationals Photos

Hill Country ASC, judge David Clayton

All-Around ASC, judge Denise Creelman

ASC of Washington, judge Claire Thomas
Nationals Puppy Sweeps, judge Clarissa Shank
ASCA Nationals, judge Jasa Hatcher

Well the dog-and-handler-with-judge-holding-ribbon photos arrived today. Thumper won his class of 9-12 month puppies 4 of 5 times in the ring. Alas the most sought-after class win , in Nationals themselves, eluded us. Judge I believe preferred a bigger dog or simply couldn't adequately evaluate Thumper well due to his uncooperative behavior on his 9th time in the ring in less than a week. It was a lot for a puppy so I am happy with our take from the week. The bonus was, he won a little cash in Sweeps so he bought ice cream all around for the co-travelers on the trip.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Endless cycles of play, play, play....

Thumper in flight with Newt

Newt the genius

And racing...
What a strenuous and demanding life all these dogs lead....Over a period of 2 days Thumper and Ziva had 3 sets of visits and/or visitors. First off was my dear frind Lyna nd her BC Newt (truly the smartest dog evah). Thumper and Ziva had serious playtime with him for part of a day and he showed them some of his tricks like 'wave', 'flip the toy off your nose', and a few others. Neither of mine have learned any of these actions yet, but the challenge has been made. Look out next year, Newt!

Tache and Ziva racing Thumper

Tache walks upright!

3 Musketeers

Ziva's looking a little high in the rear, no?

A little kiss from a brother.

Tache's sweet face

The day Newt left Tache and Jane arrived for a quick visit; Tache is Thumper and Ziva's littermate from coastal Virginia and they picked up right where they left off with their play.
Tache is marked much like Thumper but is a bit taller with a bit longer coat. He has the perfect home and I couldn't be happier. His sis and bro were thrilled to have him visit.

After these three played for hours we decided to go visiting their sister Lila who lives just down the road with Teddy from Ribbon's fist litter. THAT was a rollicking session too, leaving everyone pretty much spent for the rest of the day.

Teddy and the ever-glamorous Ziva

Lila, Thumper and Tache


Tache and Ted

Lila and Thumper

All of 'em


Thumper in a hurry

Thumper still in a hurry

Tache getting to know, um, someone new.