Wednesday, July 12, 2017


Not mine, but I saw puppies today, sired by Thumper son Monarch out of a lovely girl call-named Darby. They are 3 weeks old and super pretty; 5 boys and 2 girls. Lisa Garson is the breeder and she has started her puppy list.  Lisa and her puppies can be found at

But just a sneak peak here:

These puppies promise to be typically high energy and will need homes that are active, interested in training, and hopefully experienced in training a high energy breed. The sire is a lot like HIS sire Thumper which means a bit independent and VERY athletic; no couch potato!  It is early yet to determine if any are not good performance sport candidates but from these parents most or all should be able to do just about anything activity-wise. .  Just like in my home, final decisions on which specific puppies  go where and who stays with the breeder generally can't be made until the litter is >7 weeks old, but the breeder can generally sort out what homes are suitable for a puppy as time goes on. So if you are looking for a puppy toward last part of the summer you might talk to River Hill.

Time flies....

Can't believe its been so long since posting. well, Satin  had her litter of puppies sired by Jimmy (AKC Ch. Sirius Copper Still of Harmony Hill) and we had 6 puppies: 4 girls and 2 boys, 2 blue merles (both girls) and 4 black tri's. All pretty with symmetrical markings and strong color, no excess white, all toes present etc. In short, perfect for the moment. The litter was born July 1 2016 for easy accounting.  They are now a year old and all settled into their wonderful homes. #5 girl became Dot (Milwin Inkwell Polka Dot) and she is with co-breeder Debbie Mills, and is starting her show career.
3 days

The Good Mother

Pretty Satin last year
Dot went to USASA 2017 Nationals and came home with a second place ribbon out of the 9-12 Bitch class in the hands of Maria Neff.

In other news, Inkwell's First Born (Inkwell Milwin Uno) has his CD with owner Christine Kaye with placements and high scores in all 3 trials. What a wonderful team.