Monday, April 20, 2015

Spring has sprung!

Spring has arrived in Maryland just in time after a long snowy winter. When I last posted there were puppies still here getting ready to go out to their new and permanent homes.

Well, 2 months later they are all well settled in at their new homes. . Tri Boy has become Ticker (aka Inkwell Milwin This Just In!) and has gone to live with his aunt Favor, and Julie Rigby, for a career in agility and the conformation ring. To that end he had his debut at the Gateway ASC shows preceding the AKC National specialty (USASA). In puppy classes Ticker showed well with Julie and won his class in all 3 shows, and in one he was Reserve BOBP under judge Sue Holtz.
Ticker moving in the ring

Ticker in the ring

Ticker's first podium shot

 I also took his sister, Carly, along for the experience. She is owned by co-breeder Debbie Mills.
Carly and Ticker
Ticker actually used the skateboard for a short ride but I missed it with the camera.
Favor, Carly and Ticker

I also took Ribbon to USASA and as a veteran (10+) Maria Neff showed her in Veteran Sweeps and in regular veteran sweeps classes. She was 2nd in Sweeps under judge Kerry Kirtley and 3rd in Veterans. Here is her sweeps photo. 

Such a good girl!
she also enjoyed a couple of sessions a day of frisbee play AND had a shoot with our friend Olivia Frost, one of the finest photographers out there. Thanks Liv!
Olivia Frost photo

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