Thursday, February 19, 2015

Almost all gone!

Puppies went to their new homes last week but I did get some photos of the last few to leave after the snow came, so here they are.
tri girl, to be kept by Debbie (and, presumably, to be named at some point!)

Frosty faces on Tri girl and Patch

Powdery snow



and down the hill

Snowy Satin

Posing on the steps

Powdered Patch

 and the grownups got to play as well, of course
Noisy yard-full of dogs

Ribbon and son

My old man Flash, youthful in the snow

Frozen tennis ball



And lastly, the only puppy still here at my house is the tri girl, until she goes to Debbie this weekend. It was too cold for outdoor shots today so we played indoors. 

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