Wednesday, February 4, 2015

7 weeks old

And growing well. Just a big sampling of photos form the past couple of days.
Blue girl, tri girl, dark boy visiting old man Flash and Mommy Satin

Tweed, Tri Girl, Dark Boy and Patch

Tri Girl, Belt boy

Dark Boy and Blue Girl want to see Granny Ribbon

Thumper photobombs the action here. I didn't know he was in frame til later


Belt, Tweed, Blue girl, Patch

Tweed and Blue Girl take off

Granny Ribbon has a blue aussie confab

Tweed and Patch out front

Mighty little Patch

Dark Boy and Blue Girl

Taking a break, Blue Girl

Tweed with Tri Girl

Satin likes to nurse them on the ice for some reason

Play time indoors

Play bow

Patch contemplating

Satin introduces Tennis Ball Handling 101

Like This



Mommy. In a couple of weeks she will really shed out a lot of her coat,
always happens post-puppies

Blue Girl

Bunch of puppies

Tri Girls

Pileup on the red pillow


Giving in to the hoard. They are now eating three times a day but will nurse
until they leave home

More nursing

Tweed boy

Belted boy

Sleepy tri boy

Frog puppy

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