Sunday, August 26, 2012

An Ohio ASCA weekend.

A great weekend for us at Inkwell this past couple of days:

Sammy  (Inkwell's Imagine That CD) got his first Open leg at the Oriole Dog Training Club Obedience trials yesterday; I have not heard yet about today's trial but I will report when I hear. Alas no photos, maybe some day owner Donna Johnson will send me something! Sammy is a littermate to Thumper and Ziva.

An older photo of Sammy.
Favor (Inkwell Milwin Token of Affection) competed in her first-ever real agility competition, taking a 2nd in Jumpers at the USDAA trial in Vermont (I think). Owner Julie only entered her yesterday since it is her first trial and she is only 14 months old.
I can't link to her run video but if I can later I will post the link.
An earlier photo of Favor, with her stegosaurus stuffy.

Thumper puppies have done well this weekend as well, specifically a couple of Thumper/Henna puppies. Link (now 'Runner'), a red merle puppy, was BOBP a couple of times as I understand it, at the Southern Colorado ASC shows; at HWASC the black tri girl formerly named Vita (now Zoe) was BOBP ad BOSP for most of this weekend's shows.
Link (now Runner) at 8 weeks-he is in Colorado now.

Vita--now Zoe--who lives in Kentucky.
Thumper with some chillins out of Henna: Zoe (was Vita) on left, and Lock on the right; who garnered some BOSP wins.
Another shot. This was at the Ohio ASCA shows.

Thumper swept the Hoosier Working ASC shows in Ohio this weekend, winning Best of Breed all 5 shows under both ASCA Breeder judges and AKC judges, over 6+ specials and major entries. Maria and he are just a terrific team and she gets the best from him every time they step into the ring.

Maria and Thumper sharing  a secret.

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