Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Never too many puppy photos, right?!

 First time outdoors for the puppies today at 30 days old. It was very warm and extremely humid, so even though there was high cloud it wasn't conducive to a lot of playing. Still, each one got to experience something quite new and nobody was fearful. I have a flat area next to the house and then the yard drops down pretty steeply (unmowable, has to be weedwacked) before falattening out again 10 yards below.. So as the puppies would get near where it starts to fall off they would stagger and never quite get the hang of walking across the slope. They couldn't figure out why their legs on one side were suddenly so much shorter than their legs on the other side. They'll get it soon, just like previous puppies have.(Nobody tumbled since it hasn't actually BEEN weedwacked in a few weeks so there is a nice heavy thicket of calf-high weed working as a fence against tumbles). Anyway it was a short trip outside, more tomorrow.

Dusk again






Hot puppies


Vivi and friend Susan. You can see how hot we were today!




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