Friday, July 29, 2011

They're leaving home...

Well, the time has come, the litter is 8 weeks old tomorrow and away they go. It has been a wonderful healthy happy outgoing litter with lots of visitors, lots of adventures. They traveled well in the car (noisy at first but no carsickness) they gained weight, tolerated worming, vaccinations, and microchipping, all eyes cleared CERF exams by Dr. Bromberg, and all have homes!  (Well, ok, one needs placement but not sure which yet!).  The spoken-for puppies go home tonight, tomorrow, and Sunday.

Last lessons from Mommy to Favor

Favor and Luster chat.

Luster gets some info from Mommy

Add captionSatin dispatches a stick

Dirty Snout Syndrome on Crescent

Dirty Snout Syndrome on Vivi

Future Olympian and all-around Career Girl Favor

Crescent is HOT!

Satin looking to the heavens

Yeah, Favor-tude again

Smudge and Vivi

Smudge and Crescent

Pretty-boy Confetti

Confetti and the poison ivy vine

Mommy says to leave her bodacious ta-ta's alone

Oh well...
Confetti, blue boy, might be available

Crescent, going to live in Bel Air

Career Girl Favor, headed for an agility career in Vermont. You can follow her on her mom's blog

Luster (was Dusk) headed for a show career (we hope!) with co-breeder Debbie Mills

Satin, (was Birdie) also going to Debbie's, hopefully to help carry on her line.

Shiner, to live in Ft. Meade with a family including 3 kids! He'll have a rollicking time!

Smudge, soon to be named (something else) will probably go tothe Powells for a possible show career on co-ownership. He'll learn about horses too.

Vivi, the little Ribbon look-alike, is headed for Westchester Co. NY to live the life of a pampered pet.

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