Monday, May 23, 2016

A few weeks have gone by since our last update. A lot of little news bits so let's go:

Tempo is now 5 1/2 months old and at THAT age: odd head profile, leggy, wild, not a tooth in his head (well, I exaggerate). But getting what looks like all his adult teeth now. He is a really bright fellow and so far seems a lot more biddable than his daddy Thumper, promises to be a good competition partner if I keep my end of the bargain and keep training. He loves to do that so that helps! Actually most dogs love training if methods are rewards-based, of course.

About 4 months here.

Other Inkwell doings include the creation of a new champion!  Julie Rigby's Favor is now ASCA A-CH Inkwell Milwin Token of Affection GS-O JS-E-OP RS-E (also agility titled in AKC, USDAA, and UKI. Favor got her championship in style, going up under all ASCA Breeder judges. This photo is the one that finished her, under SBJ Ann DeChant. She was handled by THE Aussie handler (imo), Maria Neff. So proud of owner and dog, and so thankful to judges who appreciated her and the handler that helped get her there. 

Meanwhile Favor will continue to thrill in agility and, who knows, maybe some rally or obedience!

In other news, Satin had another trip to Ohio last month to revisit Jimmy (AKC Ch. Sirius Copper Still of Harmony Hill) to repeat her breeding from last year. That breeding only produced 2 puppies but we hope for a larger sampling this time around. This will be Satin's last litter. 

Ribbon turned 12 this month and remains as active as ever. 

And this month (next weekend) I will have Thumper at Oriole Dog Training Club competing in Open A. Yikes!!!  Uno will be there as well, hopefully to get his Novice title. 

That about wraps it up for now! 

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