Monday, March 7, 2016

Not very long since the last post....

But trying to catch up. As many in the Aussie community know, Thumper is sterile. However I had collected him before the calamity occurred so all hope wasn't lost to see him in future generations. His first frozen litter was in TX last year with breeders Shelly Hollen-Wood (Shalako) and Andrea Torres (Zydeco), resulting in 3 nice puppies, 2 boys and  a girl. The girl, Hummell, is a Red merle and has gone on to Germany to live and show and, eventually, be bred. She held onto her tail as the plan was always so see her off overseas. Shelly and Andrea kept the two tri boys, which are coming along nicely.

Then in December of this past year a litter of 6, borne to AKC/ASCA Ch. Mpossible Warrior Princess CD, cobred by me and MaryAnn Magness. Xena did a lovely job and I traveled out to the west 2 weeks ago to see, and to select a puppy from, the litter. All are lovely, healthy active puppies, and my selection was a handsome balanced blue merle boy now named Tempo (Inkwell's Drumbeat). He favors his daddy in a lot of ways though the blue eyes are quite a new thing for me, and will take time to adjust to, lol.
Sits in Living Room

Tempo has nice foot timing, easy moving

Tempo's first formal stack shot

While out in TX where I met the litter, I traveled to the EASTEX ASCA club's set of shows and showed Tempo for his first experience in the ring, and he did great. No wins but no matter, those will come. Meanwhile his daddy Thumper was along on the trip and Shelly took him into the breed ring at one of the shows where he was BOB and won a stuffed toy I don't think he will get. lol.

Shelly and Thumper looked good in that Texas ring, with judge Tammy Seamans
That catches things up I think. Oh except for this: a brother of Tempo is coming east to join Donna Johnson's household where Sammy, a Thumper brother, lives, and will be destined for an OB, agility and  rally career like Sammy has had. And a sister is coming too, for an ob career with another friend of Donna's. So half the litter will be here in Maryland, which is so marvelous for me!  Pictures of them will no doubt follow.

That's it for now!

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