Friday, December 18, 2009

Some last pictures...

Before the big snow and before puppies start going home.

Syd and #1 (2-Spot). Syd goes home to horse country in Virginia early next week.

2 Spot again

#3, Ziva girl

#6, Inkwell's Imagine That. He is going to Northeastern Maryland for an Obedience career and he might spend some time in the Breed ring with me. He left today.

Two of #7, Inkwell's Gift Wrap (Lila). She is staying here.

Tache, aka Inkwell's Abandon, gets to go to Virginia Beach to run on the sand and eat gourmet food.( I think I will try to go with him.) Tache is French for Spot and is pronounced Tash. And he already knows it.
#2 is Inkwell's Jackrabbit, or Thumper. He is staying here.

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