Thursday, December 24, 2009


Down to 4 puppies in thee household now; I will grow out the 2 blue puppies. They automatically sit when they crowd around me, fun to see how quickly they all figured out that good things came if they just slammed their butts to the floor and looked at me, and how no fun things would come their way if they didn't. They are on their way to developing good habits and I am too, after having been so lazy the past several years in shaping puppies to keep their feet on the floor and to pay attention.
From left to right: #1, Thumper, #3(Ziva) and Lila.


  1. I just can't get over how big they are, how fast they grow up! Well, Lila is still my favorite and now I am beginning to take a liking to Thumper. I guess I am partial to blues?

  2. Well, you'll get to play with them soon enough but right now they are at Christmas camp (Christine's house) for the weekend. But the 2 black puppies are here!
    In 2 days they have gained height, not long before they get that leggy puppy thing going.