Thursday, August 8, 2013

some updates

Thumper was at my club (Blue Ridge ASC) shows last weekend where we garnered 4 BOB and 1 BOS win in the 6 shows.
ASCA Judge Andrea Blizard
 I also had Luster showing, Milwin Inkwell Iridescent (Satin and Favor's brother). We ended up with WD twice for majors, bringing his  point count up to 13. We were also RWD twice so he had a very good weekend.

Monarch (Milwin's Monarch of Dove Creek), a Thumper son, was RWD at the same shows.

Monarch and his owner

Andrea Blizard again with Luster

AKC Judge Tom Brown

ASCA judge Lynda Shackelford with Lisa Friel handling Thumper for me

Lynda with me and Luster (WD/BOW)

Judge Gary Fisher and Thumper with handler Hope Matkins

AKC judge Shelley Roos with Thumper and Hope Matkins

 Also had a visit with friends at a flyball tournament a couple of weekends ago, where I saw another Thumper son, littermate to Monarch, and I could see the family resemblance. Castle is destined for a service/assistance career with his owner.
Castle, a Thumper son. 

A couple of weeks ago Lock (Ninebark Cops and Robbers), a Thumper son from his litter by Ninebark (Valerie  Yates) had another Best of Breed win and went on to a Group 2!  Looking forward to seeing him continue his winning ways, mostly owner-handled. I can see his daddy all over this photo, though much more substance, a LOT of dog for 16 months! Lovely dark red coloring too.
Lock, a Thumper son.

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