Sunday, June 16, 2013

And Vay-cay starts

Came home from Michigan with Thumper and turned around pretty quickly to go to Vermont for Camp Gone to the Dogs with him and my old man Flash. As it happens Julie Rigby, Favor's owner (from the last Ribbon litter, by Press) decided she wanted to have 2 dogs at camp and one of them could be Satin if I agreed, so with the proviso that she would be HERS for the week I loaded her up as well an off we went.

The week's weather following humid and stormy conditions on arrival day the Sunday, was spectacular for the first 4 of 5 days of camp, low 70's, dry, sunny, chilly night. In short, perfect for man and beast. All 3 dogs had a marvelous time with my main concentration being positive motivation training for competition Obedience for Thumper, and just some fun training stuff and one-on-one hangout time with Flash. It was a celebration-filled beginning of the week as well and Flash celebrated his 12th birthday on June 2 (TWELVE!!!! Unbelievable), me my 59th on June 3, and Satin and Favor their 2nd birthdays on June 4. (They celebrated in their own way by having a little bitch fight. Oops).  Anyway Julie sorted the girls out and we came to the realization that they are their mother's daughters. Just had to avoid too much arousal while n lead together to avoid escalating to launching onto one another.

Anyway a few photos to show the week. Already booked for next year. And now planning on entering Thumper in Obedience at ASCA Nationals. (The clock is ticking...).
My friend Lisa's 'Abby' moving some sheep.

Satin's sis Favor.

"Does this wet Vermont meadow grass make me look fat?"

Favor turned 2 this week.

Favor moved some sheep

Thumper moved some sheep. Bark-circle-bark-circle---

Satin moved sheep too.

Lisa and Abby await their turn on the sheep.

Ribbon son Teddy, from her first ltter, was there as well, along with his housemate Lila, Thumper sister.

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  1. Finally catching up with things. I love seeing the picture of Satin herding. She's such a fun (and pretty!) girl and I think you should march right out and get her some sheep of her own. Congrats again for the awesome Thumper year.