Saturday, July 7, 2012

Kit came to visit! Kit is 13 weeks old and is Debbie's pick from Thumper's first litter, the one out of Poudre's Silk n' Satin. She is bold but very people-submissive (not fearful at all, just melting and sweet under your hands) so her 10 days here were spent learning to stand for a treat, get her rear legs out from under herself, more leash time and so on. I would not say she is ring-ready by any stretch, but she is learning.

There were multiple inversions on camera day.

Ribbon inverts. Ziva comments,

Every time a puppy enters my house I am reminded how much energy they have, endless boundless energy.


Hottest month on record so far.

Ribbon daughters and granddaughter, all equally hot.
I'll spare everyone a stacked view as she is simply all legs at this time. Instead we can see her play a little. She had a wonderful time playing with her half-aunt Satin. Granny  Ribbon treated her as her own (including the usual discipline) and plenty of exercise was had by all.

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