Friday, May 18, 2012

Thumper x Sadie litter

 Thumper's first litter goes home this weekend from the litter owner's home in Virginia.. Overall the litter seems very consistent, with lovely heads, great color, and good structure and substance. I am very pleased, it was a good cross to a really nice bitch.
Little girly jumping. 6.5 weeks

Very Ribbon-like girl 6.5 weeks

The bigger girl.
Looks like AThumper here. Blue boy, 6.5 weeks
Same boy. Definitely his daddy's head.
Again, the Thumper-head. He went home with his new family a couple of days ago.
Pick puppy boy, going to a show/agility career witha  new exhibitor, co-owned with Debbie
7 weeks. Red melre going for agility.
Litter owner Gail with all babies!
Pretty girly 7 weeks
Pick boy with the dilute shoulder patch.
Pick boy. 7 weeks
I rated him #2; very substantial with a lot of head; good angles, nice boy.
Pretty girly. 7 weeks.
#2 boy.
Going to their new homes this weekend.

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