Monday, November 9, 2009

Their adoring public is clamoring.... here are 2-week pictures of everyone. Little girl #3 is thriving (calling her Ziva, why not?!) and all are growing fast. Today they started barking, rolling over purposefully in order to sleep on backs, and eyes are opening and they are reacting to loud noises like clapping. Amazing, all at once. They have been wobbly but standing a little for a couple of days.


  1. HI Paula - I found the photos ;-) Cute litter! I thought they'd be leash broke and showing by now - I guess my clock is running fast...loved the last photo with Ribbon.

  2. Look for newer pictures shortly, they are barking and running around (sort of) in the whelping box. Leash training starts tomorrow!
    Actually they WILL hear a clicker as soon as I start feeding solid food, does that count?